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Please, I need help with answers I am unsure of... <--- Question-asker

Whoever this is, I'm someone who's been answering questions in clusters every so often. My Wikia name is Mr. Igginz, but I lost my password and a new one isn't going to my email for some reason.

There are only a few things I can't answer here, like that one about the fandisc or why Hong Kong says "Wish", but if you're having trouble, I can lok over any question you want me to.

I've also been answering a few of the more...simple questions, Unfortunately my English is not the best.

I also have answered clusters of questions too, however I do not have an account here. I have been rather unsure of certain questions, as well. 

I am answering a lot of questions now too. First I had no account, but now I can. Does somebody know who is the admin of this page? I have some ideas for making that page better than now. My english is not the best, I am German. - Gnadenloser Deutscher

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