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Boun san valentino is a story when Germany what goes on in Italy's head so he goes to a bookstore and finds a book called "communicating with your partner". Then he starts reading it and the book asks him all of these questions about his partner ,then the results ends up as being just friends ,but then it was Valentines day so then Italy decided to buy Germany a bouquet of red roses and when Italy gave them to Germany he took it the wrong way ,and he asks him "What does this mean?" and Italy replied" means what it means." Eventually, for a few days ,Germany has been nicer to Italy and Germany still confused goes back to the bookstore and goes and buys all of the different relationship books and then in the last few chapters of a book says to invite your partner to dinner ,so he asked Italy and he said yes.Then the next day Germany got dressed to go on his date with Italy and he decides to finish the last few chapters of the book so he does and while reading it he forgot something important, THAT ITALY IS A GUY. Then Germany starts panicing then Austria helps him out by telling him that its gonna be okay.Then, Germany goes to the resturant and finds Italy flirting with girls then he becomes REALLY angry. Then when they sat down ,the waiter coes to their table and Germany gives Italy a bouquet of flowers and the waiter stares at them and Italy responds"N-No its not like that!".Then Germany gives Italy a ring shaped like a tomato and the waiter has a distinct face and Italy say"You've it all wrong!".Then the book says when your partner starts crying wipe the tears off with a hankerchiff ,so he does then the waiter freaks out and yells"GAAAA" .And to top it of Germany hugs him and then Germany says in his head "w-whats going on?" then things go on in his head then he has a little memory of Chibitalia......and thats how it ended so far,since its still unfinished and you can read these comic strips at :)

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