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It depends on how you see it. At first glance, no. Prussia constantly annoys Austria, stalks Austria, and their history isn't the best. (Austria's vital regions?)

Yet it can be said that Austria does care somewhat for him, I'm sorry for such a vague answer, but I can't recall where I read that Austria cares about him.

I guess if you're interested in shipping them, the term 'tsundere' could easily apply. :D

Edit: Probably not. Prussia stalks and enjoys annoying Austria, and the whole vital regions thing may not have been so good for their relationship.

Edit: Well, I say yes to that question, but both of their pride gets in the way of that. PruAust forever.

The answer at the very top explains it all. They do not have the best relationship historically, and it would be unhistorical to ship them together. However, lots of fangirls in the fandom tend to ship them, so it's honestly up to you.

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