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This is a list of frequently asked questions across Hetalia: Axis Powers Answers. Please refer to this list before you ask a question, as your answer may be found here. This list is constantly being updated.

This list also includes answers to questions asked about the wiki itself. If you would like to ask a question about the Wiki, refer to me, Allusional, at my talk page.

Canon Questions

What are all of the characters' human names? What is _____'s human name?

This question has been asked numerous times, and so far several generous users have put in much time and research compiling lists of all the characters' names. Any questions about individual character's names are accepted; however, you may notice that any questions regarding all of the human names are slow to be answered. This is because of the sheer workload that it is to compile a list of all the character names. Please refer to the link above for a complete list.

When are all of the character's birthdays? When is _____'s birthday?

Again, this question is a bit slow to be answered, as it takes a lot of time to compile all characters' birthdays. Please refer to the link above to see a list of birthdays (generously compiled by scarletfireblaze).

Is the pairing _____/_____ official?

Unfortunately, there are no "solid" official pairings (with the exception of HRE/Chibitalia, which is official), meaning that none of them are real. Most pairings shipped by fans are more one-sided or detached than they may appear, causing the pairings to appear official when they aren't. Some of the semi-canonical (not 100% official but strong) include Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, Sweden/Finland, Austria/Hungary, and others. If you're unsure if a pairing has official evidence or not, feel free to ask.

Fanon Questions

What is 1p?

1p! characters, are the characters we see in the Hetalia series. 1p! stands for "first player", it also stands for original or "the original character that was first introduced in the series" and is not derived from another character. Opposite to 2p!

What is 2P?

This question is probably one of the most frequently asked.

2P stands for "second player", and was spawned from Himaruya's drawings of the Axis and (Nyotalia) Allies in a different color scheme than normal. Fans interpreted the characters' different colors and expressions as characters from a parallel universe that are the polar opposites of their normal counterparts in personality. This essentially means that the normal Hetalia universe is the equivalent to "1P". For example, England in normal Hetalia can't cook, while England in the 2P!talia universe can cook (but it's often poisoned, watch out), and so on.

What are the 2P characters' names?

Since all of the 2P characters' names are fan-created, names can vary widely. The link above shows the a list of the most agreed-upon 2P names in the 2P fan base.

What are 3p and and 4p?

3p!'s and 4p!'s have no basis in canonical design, or even in the canon and are entirely fanmade. 

How does _____ act? (Includes: How do ALL the personalities act?)

How a character acts is usually due to their personality or those around them, so, for instance, if one character were acting aggressive toward another the other character would act defensive and so on.

How tall are all the countries? What is the official name for _____? This link is helpful for gaining official names for the countries, too. (Information may be a bit off.)

Why doesn't _____ appear in the show? Will there be a _____?

Not all countries get to make a appearance in the show. It is always going to be unconfirmed when relating to a country that has not appeared in the show, the only way that a new country will be seen in the show is if Himaruya confirms it himself and that is when we can confirm it.

What is _____'s favourite _____?

Most of these questions are unconfirmed in regarding colour, music, ect. The only way you will find the answer to these questions is if they are fan-made.

What are the countries' real ages? and How old are the Hetalia characters?

All of the ages of the countries are not yet confirmed, however, here is a list of the confirmed ages of the countries (and approximations that Himaruya has released).

What does _____ (state name, non canon) look like?

The states of America (or non canon characters) do not have an official design, and therefore, do not have an official appearance. All "appearances" are either fan-made or altered versions of the original Hetalia characters, presumable recolors.

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