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These are the Hetalia: Axis Powers Answers policies and rules to keep users safe and productive, as well as establish a uniformity in edits. Note that these policies differ from wikis of the same nature due to this wiki's focuses on both canon and fanon information.


Account Policy

Creating an account is strongly recommended. Why? Because it's an easy way to chat with other users on the Wiki, you can save your achievements if you make lots of edits, and you can also make blog posts, create a profile, and gain special user rights. If you have an account, people can remember who you are and you can create an image for yourself. However, if you're just using the Wiki for occasional question asking and/or answering, then don't feel pressured into making an account if you feel if that's unnecessary.

Behavioral Policy

All users must treat others with respect and use proper etiquette when communicating. Personal attacks are not tolerated and will be met with a ban. We strongly recommend that you create an account if you do not already have one, or if you plan on making many edits. Admins and bureaucrats will sort out disagreements between users as needed.

Canon Policy

Both canon and fanon elements are allowed in answering questions; however, each type of information shall only be used under certain circumstances. Here are some examples of when to use canon or fanon information:

  • Do not use fanon information unless the question explicitly asks for it. Example:
    • Yes: "What is 2P!Italy's personality?" (2P is a fan-based)
    • No: "What is England's opinion of America?" (Asking for canon information only. Please don't bring up ships.)
  • Cite your sources whenever possible. It is okay if you do not have a source to trace your information back to, but check if the source is trustworthy. For example, a blog post from Himaruya is far more reputable than a fan-site about the series.
  • Avoid using fan-terms unless the question is fanon-related.
  • No OCs. Again, they are not canon information, and more than likely do not apply for more than a small minority of Hetalia fans. This rule is not flexible; do not post information about OCs.
  • For the most part, use correct spelling and grammar. This also applies to those asking questions. It's okay if English is not your first language, other users can help out.

Duplicate Question Policy

Before you ask questions, be sure to search the Wiki for your question in case it has already been answered (the FAQ page is a good place to look). If you ask a question, do not make duplicates of it. Don't even correct yourself unless you're certain that other users won't be able to understand your question. Creating duplicate questions only causes frustration from other users because it only creates extra work. Creating duplicate questions will not make people answer quicker. In fact, it will slow down the time it takes for your question to make it to the top of the queue.

External Links

Avoid using external links whenever possible, except when linking to another question on this site. Though at times external links are helpful, it's hard to differentiate legitimate sources and spam without inspecting each link. External links would also defeat the purpose of an answers wiki. After all, who needs an answers wiki when their questions have already been answered from this-and-that article?

Image Policy

It is okay to post official images on the Wiki, but as with any website, never try to claim an image as yours if it truly wasn't made by you. Furthermore, please do not repost fanart unless the artist(s) are aware of it and have given you permission. Just like Facebook or Tumblr, art can be stolen on Wikia too. If an artist does not want you to post their artwork here, then respect their wishes. This isn't just a Wikia rule; it's common courtesy.

Neutral Perspective Policy

For the most part, do not put your own opinions into your answers. Here are some examples of what is and isn't allowed:

  • You are allowed to interject briefly with your own opinion, but bias will not be tolerated.
    • Yes: "Personally, I think _____ is _____, but here's what really happened..."
    • No: "I don't think that _____ is _____, because..."

No Copy Policy

Please refrain from copying content directly from other Hetalia websites. Either paraphrase the information (put into your own words), or put one or two sentences in quotes (not the whole paragraph).

Spam Policy

Any and all questions considered to be spam will be deleted without warning.


This is a primarily English-speaking wiki, so most users will contribute with English. It's okay if English isn't your first language. Any form of English spelling is allowed (i.e British, American, etc.), just make your writing clear, and apply basic grammar skills.

Also, when you write a question, make sure your question is understandable. We cannot read minds, so you will most likely get an answer you aren't looking for if your question is not worded clearly.

Violation of Policies

To prevent vandalism and disarray, these policies must be strongly enforced. These are the policies for rule-breaking:

  • First/Minor Offense: Reminder from a wiki staff member
  • Second Offense: Reminder from a wiki staff member
  • Third Offense: Warning message from a staff member
  • Major Offense: IP/User Block, timestamps may vary