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How does Finland act?

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Finland is very cheerful and can be quite deceiving when it comes to looks. He's actually around 17 - 21 by the creator, but could easily pass for a 12 year old. (C'mon ) Sweden's known to hold him as a love interest. Hey, opposites attract. He's very kind and known to be intelligent, and will be nice to almost anyone. He can be strong, which many seem to forget. [ This little guy beat Russia a couple douzen times ] Though, he can be emotional, and takes things to heart very easily and quickly. Him and Sweden own a puppy named by the title "Hanatamago". The dog is known to only speak on Christmas. Which also leads to the fact Finland is seen as Santa Clause in the manga and anime, since Santa is suposed to originaly come from Finland. I guess from that you can tell he enjoys Christmas a lot. His real name is officialy Tino Väinämöinen.

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