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Female North Italy displaying great strength when angered much to the shock of her male counterpart. North Italy's female counterpart has her hair tied back into a ponytail, and has a wild curl of hair dangling down at the side of her head. In one sketch, she wears a more feminine version of a military uniform, with a double-breasted jacket and mini skirt. But in a later sketch, she wears a short-sleeved khaki shirt and skirt, with a black tie. Her eyes are depicted in a more amber color than her male counterpart's. Her hair is also curlier and a lighter shade of brown. Estonia commented that she "looks badass" as opposed to the rather weak appearance of her male counterpart. Himaruya' described her as being strong, not hetare like her counterpart,[1] and a rather emotional, strong-willed, and cheerful big sister-type who "lives for love".[2] Contrary to the male Italy, it appears that she can display an unusual bout of physical strength when angered as seen in the right. In a later note it is mentioned how her personality is different from her male counterpart. In an illustration of her arguing and switching punches with female England, it is shown that she is the braver one and more willing to fight. She seems to be rougher around the edges or accident-prone, if the bandage on her knee is any indication. In a blog post, Himaruya had mentioned that he liked the name Alice for female Italy, commonly pronounced as "Ah-LEE-che" in Italy, from a list of names he was sent for some of the Nyotalia characters.

Itako is a nickname for the female version of Italy, derive from Itaria and the suffix "-ko". Though fans in the Western fandom tend to use the names Felicia or Felice for her, the Japanese fandom has given her the name Daisy Vargas. This name had fallen out of use shortly after Himaruya brought up the suggested name Alice. Alternatively, in a straighter "genderbend" take, Daisy is sometimes used as her middle name, with Feliciana being the first name.

In their appearance in Volume 4, she'd commented that there was nothing wrong with falling asleep, even during a meeting, and that it was a quite natural thing to do, before flustering Estonia by suggesting that they go out to eat and "sleep properly" once the meeting was through.