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France just likes anything that's human; he thinks it's all beautiful, no matter the gender, race, age, etc.

Or anything moving, quite honestly. Most of his interactions have been with other countries, however. Himaruya's country - human strips are very few and far in between.

A small tidbit of strip did surface a while back, however--starring North Italy, Spain, and France in their younger years, wherein France casually asks Spain if he ever thought what it'd feel like to "xxx in [errr, what's a good euphemism? Anyway, he's pointing to Chibitalia's butt, basically]." So, sure, shota tendencies, maybe. He's made passes at a good portion of the cast (including, and especially, the Italies when they're older), however, so it's likely that in addition to believing in the ability to love anything and everything, he's simply highly territorial (e.g., with England, America, Spain, Austria, and the Italies).