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  • I'm new to the Hetalia fandom, so could someone explain all of this overwhelming crazyness?

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    • as you learn...there will be parings,rumours, and other things . there will be other animations on youtube with other audio . there's mmd too! its the characters in 3d like animated figure. THERES SO MUCH MORE....................ARU....................Aru...............aru.....

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    • I suggest that before you get into a lot of fan-made things, you should watch a good deal of the episodes first. Just so you can get your own opinion on things. That's basically what I did, before I branched out and got more involved with the fandom. 

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    • FRESH MEAT. Just kidding~~

      There's lot of things in the fandom, since it is kinds old (6 years!). There are a lot of pairings, maily yaoi, but there're a few straight and yuri pairings if you prefer! We also have songs, doujinshi, YouTube videos (search 'Hetalia Unlimited'!!), games (such as HetaOni) and so on. Till now, we have 6 seasond, the newest is World Twinkle, but I suggest you to begin from the first season~~ We also have memes. A LOT of memes!

      Have a nice time here in Hetalia fandom

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    • Don't worry about the craziness; that's normal. However, I recommend that you stay away from the fandom as far away as possible.

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    • Thinker-tinker wrote:
      Don't worry about the craziness; that's normal. However, I recommend that you stay away from the fandom as far away as possible.

      mainly beacuse of the fangirls. and occasianally, fan-boys 

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    • I suggest you go onto Youtube and look at the season 1 dubs, unless you like the subs better. It seems a little overhwelming at first, but it will ease out ina little while if you stick with it. I suggest you dont get into any fan-made things until you have watched a good deal of the things hetalia has to offer on youtube. And then dont be afraid to awnser questions! just be careful for the hetadics and crazy fangirling and fan boys.

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    • You will never leave


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    • It is also ok i am also new to hetalia i strated watching it since august 2016 and now to may 2017 so i think i had a long time with Hetalia

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    • Haha, a post on my birthday! (I never really did leave. I'm still connected to this wiki) Yessss

      I was introduced to it when I was searching for a group project in December 2016. I had somehow stumbled on it and found my "senpai", who shared a birthday with me. I immediately fell in love and became a fangirl.

      Over time, though, I discovered that nobody in real life did like it. Hetalia became a bit nonsensical to me in, say, March 2017. Ever since I've felt more disconnected from the fandom, sometimes becoming disgusted by what they do.

      Now I've "left". I still have a job here (that I can't leave behind). I have never, in fact, truly left (as I left Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but not Magnus Chase).

      The fanbase is a bit crazy (and we were sure proud of it, haha), but the basic idea of the anime/manga/webcomic is that we start with three countries. Japan, Germany, and Italy. This is set in WWII but is less serious (a lot less).

      We then meet a set of lovable characters, including those from the Chibitalia strips. Himaruya, from what I can tell from the Scandalations, mainly uploads random strips of the characters doing something. Somebody takes the strips and stuffs them into the manga, and the anime takes parts from the manga or from Hima's blog and puts them into episodes. However, the episodes stopped a while ago (pst pst ahem two years ago aghhh), so I guess you'd better rely on the wiki, fangirls, headcanons, Scandalations, and store-bought mangas.

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    • Here's some tips: Don't tell people that thier ships suck like the popular ones 1.America/England 2.Germany/North Italy 3.Spain/South Italy aka Romano 4.Sweden/Finland 5.Denmark/Norway AND DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BASH HETEROSEXUAL PAIRS IT WILL END BAD FOR YOU THOSE PEOPLE ARE SENSITIVE

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    • As yes the whirlwind that is Hetalia.  It's crazy and I love it.  You will get used to it but be prepared to wear your seatbelt It's a crazy trip

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    • A FANDOM user
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