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  • 2P kinda means the opposite ver. of the character. Like when the real character is not talkative his/her 2P is very talkative and all and when the real ch. is always smiling his/her 2P never smiles etc...***

What 2p! is: it is essentially an alternate version of the original characters, 2p!'s usually come in to play when there is a civil war within the country. This is because one side of the country might think differently to the other, causing the Hetalia country to split into two different personalities hence the 1p!'s and 2p!'s they will remain like this until a decision can be made. An agreement.

--- Alternate Desc by an anonymous Hetalia fan:---

  • 2p! stands for 'Player Two', referencing the usual color change in palette colors when a second player is added in a multiplayer mode of any videogame (I.e. if two people wanted to play the same character in a videogame, sometimes that game will swap the colors of the second character, for a visual reference. Hence the term '!2P'.) The Player-Two cast of hetalia are alternate designs of the original cast.
  • THEY ARE NOT NESSESCARILY EVIL, JUST ALTERNATE DESIGNS, but the Hetalia fandom commonly interprets them that way due to certain aspects of their design. (Player-Two America has a baseball bat with nails and Player-Two Italy has a knife, so upon seeing this many assume that they are evil counterparts rather than alternate designs.)

Thank you for your understanding. -Anon

2p allies by xxxxvivixxxx-d6bnydw
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