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I wouldn't say that there are any REAL canon couples in Hetalia, but the closest you can get would probably be Austria-Hungary, because they were technically married and do show some affection for each other once in a while.

I hope you don't mind me butting in, but some would argue that Sweden/Finland may have some one-sided canoncity. Sweden was confirmed to be homosexual but he only feels that way towards Finland. Icelilly 16:04, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

I think that Holy Roman Empire/Chibitalia (North Italy) is the only canon pairing. And Belarus/Russia to be one-sided

Germany/Italy is considered to be somewhat canon, or at least one-sided based on the Valentine's Day strips.

Germany/Italy is canon and so is USUK. Himaruya comfirmed it.

I only agree that SuFin and AusHun are canon. SuFin is one sided. AusHun is just well they were married.

Also USUK is not canon. Someone was TROLLING on tumblr. Its not canon. At all.

Edited on 15 April 2013 by Anonymous:

To be a canon couple means to have some form of romantic/sexual interaction, such as kissing, dating, being married, etc.

That has not happened to any of the Hetalia characters yet, so there cannot be any canon couples in Hetalia. To have feelings toward another character, such as how Lithuania has feelings towards Belarus, Belarus has feelings towards Russia, and Sweden has feelings towards Finland, is purely one-sided. After all, interaction cannot be romantic or canon unless both parties involved share mutual feelings. If one has feelings towards the other, and the other doesn't, that could be considered as harassment if one person decides to "try something" without the other's consent. 

Austria and Hungary were married, but that was the past, and the past is the past.

Plus, to have canon couples in Hetalia does not make sense if the countries involved are not joined in some way. How can Sweden marry Finland if they're countries? Would a Swede have to marry a Finn? I think that all countries want to be independent, so they avoid entering relationships in order to stay that way.

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