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A lot of characters are blood-related. Here's a list. (Please correct me if there's any mistakes.)


  • America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Scotland, Wales, and England
  • Veneziano, Romano, and Seborga
  • Prussia, Germany (Including other German states, such as Hesse and Bavaria) and the other Germanic nations (such as Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, etc.)
  • Sealand, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • Cyprus and TRNC
  • Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia
  • Moldova and Romania
  • Norway and Iceland
  • Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia
  • Lithuania and Latvia
  • Finland and Estonia
  • Spain and Portugal


  • Rome (guardian), Veneziano, Romano, and Seborga (children)
  • Germania (guardian), Germanic nations (children)
  • Ancient Greece (guardian), Greece (child)
  • Ancient Egypt (guardian), Egypt (child)
  • England (guardian), America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (children)
  • Britannia/Albion (guardian), Scotland, Wales, and England (children)
  • West Slavia (guardian), Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia (children)
  • East Slavia/Kievan Rus (guardian), Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (children)

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