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Frankly, I HIGHLY doubt that he'll ever be in the anime. As disappointing as it is, the public sentiment is just not there. Seeing as death threats were sent to the network that was going to put him on air and there was a huge rise against it from the Korean people, I think this issue is settled. The government would probably have let this pass if the public had not brought it to their attention, so it's not as if they really have the power to just recant and 'change their minds.' It's better off that they don't, since I think it'd start to get ugly if they do.

Koreans have a very tense relationship with the Japanese, so anything that Japan does that they think is insulting them in any way will be beaten down to the ground. It's understandable, but it's obviously a little overreacting. It's going to take more than a couple of generations to completely stamp out the anti-Japanese mindset that's still prevalent in Korean society, so for now; no. South Korea will almost definitely not be in the anime and it is NOT just the government that is the factor deciding that.

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